You have the message.
I am here to get it across.

Translation is not a matter of words - it is a matter of meaning. My goal is to preserve the meaning of your document and deliver a work that reads as if it was originally written in the target language - no translatorese!


English <> Brazilian Portuguese
Spanish/German > English/Brazilian Portuguese


Specialised in marketing, psychology, IT and engineering.


15 years of experience as a translator and editor.


I come from an Argentinian family and have lived in Austria, Brazil, the US, and Germany.


Clients I have helped

To keep your edge in any market, style is as important as meaning. Through extensive research and by keeping the language fresh and culturally appropriate, I make sure that your message is conveyed without errors - and as smoothly as possible.
Here is a list of clients I assisted in sharing their message with the world.

It is not possible to communicate effectively without being intimately acquainted with the culture surrounding a language. My job is to make the recipients understand your message. For this to happen, the translation needs to be not only technically accurate, but also culturally and stylistically correct.


Can you help me?

I can, and I will. Whatever the scope or type of project, I always work within a client-based approach, to meet your specific needs and purposes. Any job, no matter how small, is inserted and works within a greater framework of audience, purpose, budget, and many other variables. By understanding this framework, I can deliver a work that is never just a translation, but the best translation.

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The Obscure Library Podcast

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